Kremina is an innovative coffee maker designed to make a macchiato or schiumato coffee with a soft, velvety cream just like coffee from a bar.

Practical and easy to use, Kremina is equipped with a transparent lid with an integrated whisk that allows you to make your preferred coffee by following a few simple steps.

With Kremina, you can have fun preparing macchiato or simply schiumato coffee, as well as Moroccan coffee and mochaccinos according to your preference or whim.

Technical features

Body material: aluminium#Handle material: silicone#Knob material: thermoplastic#Easy-clean safety valve#Not suitable for use on induction plates#Not dishwasher safe#Boiler base diameter: 95 mm#Height: 200 mm#Capacity: 140 ml – approximate figure: it can vary according to the quantity of water inserted and the quantity, blend and grind of the coffee.

Material: ALUMINUM
Dimensions: 15X11X21.5


Fill the boiler with water and pour the desired amount of ground coffee into the filter. Screw on the upper part and open and remove the lid to add 45 ml of milk. Finally, wait for the coffee to emerge and wait for the foaming unit’s piston to rise. At that point, remove the coffee maker from the heat source and use the piston by lowering it and quickly lifting it for about 15 seconds before serving. Kremina is an aluminium coffee maker with a nylon handle and knob, a special safety valve and an innovative foaming lid, all patented by Bialetti.

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