There are many models where two special burners must be used together with a dedicated stand due to the problem of shape, and most of them can not be used easily on the table. Furthermore, the type that uses cassette gas as fuel also has a problem that it is prone to decrease in thermal power due to continuous use. 2 The answer from SOTO is this 2 burner compared to the weakness that the burner has faced for many years. The low-profile type that stores the cassette gas inside the burner body allows it to be used simply by placing it on a table. In addition, the left and right burners are equipped with microregulator-equipped stoves to minimize the decrease in thermal power during continuous use at low temperatures.


● External dimensions

   Width 473 × depth 252 × height 145 mm (when installing the windshield)
   Width 468 × depth 251 × height 116 mm (when not using the windshield)

● Bottom diameter

   160 mm (× 2)     

● Weight

   2.25 kg (body only) 

● Heat generation amount ※ 1

    2.9 kW (2,500 kcal / h)

● Usage time ※ 2

   Approximately 1.5 hours X2 (when using one ST-760)

● Ignition method

   Piezoelectric ignition system

● Fuel used

   Special container for SOTO product (cylinder) (CB can type)

● Material

   Body: Stainless steel, Gotok: iron, stand · windshield (for the back, both right and left): aluminum, ignition switch · fixture plug knob: resin

● Accessories

   Storage bag


The cylinder is sold separately.

* 1 Calculated from combustion data for 5 minutes after ignition in a no-wind condition with a temperature of 25 ° C.
※ 2 Calculated from combustion data for 30 minutes after ignition at a temperature of 25 ° C and no wind.


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