"I would like to develop a separate regulator stove". Reflecting the requests from users over the years, SOTO's first separate regulator stove has finally been created. A micro-regulator that produces stable thermal power even at low temperatures, a head structure with high wind resistance, etc. It is a high-spec finish that uses the technologies we have cultivated so far without hesitation. In order to take advantage of the sense of stability that is the merit of the separation type, we carefully focused on the position of the cock, ignition switch, and thermal power adjustment knob. As fuel, we use cassette gas which is easy to obtain and economical. Not only veterans who want to enjoy cooking in earnest, but also recommended as the first one.


● External dimensions

   Width 410 × depth 120 × height 90 mm (in use / body only)      
   Width 110 × depth 75 × height 90 mm (when stored)

● Bottom diameter

 165 mm

● Weight


● calorific value

   2.6 kW (2,200 kcal / h) * 1

● Usage time

   Approximately 1.5 hours (when using one ST-760) ※ 2

● Use container

   New Fuji Burner, container for SOTO products (cylinder)

● Ignition method

   Piezoelectric ignition system

* 1 Calculated from combustion data for 5 minutes after ignition in a no-wind condition with a temperature of 25 ° C.

※ 2 Calculated from combustion data for 30 minutes after ignition at a temperature of 25 ° C and no wind.


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